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spiffy adj : marked by smartness in dress and manners; "a dapper young man"; "a jaunty red hat" [syn: dapper, dashing, jaunty, natty, raffish, rakish, smart, snappy, spruce] [also: spiffiest, spiffier]

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  • /ˈspɪfi/
    Rhymes: -ɪfi


  1. Dapper; fine or neat, especially in style of clothing or other appearance.
    • 1906, “Newport News in London,” The New York Times, 26 Aug, p. 9,
      The charming twins came last week, and you should see their clothes. ‘Spiffy’ is the word.
  2. In the context of "computing": Of or pertaining to computer programs having an aesthetically appealing, clever, or technically well-designed interface.
    Have you seen the spiffy new version of Empire yet?


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  • Random House Webster's Unabridged Electronic Dictionary, 1987-1996.

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OK, ace-high, bad, bandbox, bang-up, bonzer, boss, braw, bully, but good, chic, classy, clothes-conscious, cool, corking, cosmopolitan, crackerjack, dandy, dapper, dashing, delicious, doggy, dressed to advantage, dressed to kill, ducky, elegant, exquisite, fab, fine and dandy, gear, genteel, great, groovy, heavy, hot, hunky-dory, jam-up, jaunty, just dandy, keen, marvy, mean, natty, neat, nifty, nobby, okay, out of sight, peachy, peachy-keen, posh, recherche, ripping, ritzy, rum, sassy, scrumptious, sharp, slap-up, sleek, smart, smashing, smug, snazzy, soigne, soignee, solid, something else, sophisticated, spiffing, spruce, stunning, style-conscious, swank, swanky, swell, tough, tricksy, trig, trim, well-dressed, well-groomed, wizard
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